Miriam & Sebastian

Miriam & Sebastian
Lago di garda – Italy

In the enchanting ambiance of Lake Garda, a German couple celebrated an unforgettable weekend, encompassing both their civil ceremony and a joyous wedding reception. Against the breathtaking backdrop of this iconic location, precious moments of love and joy unfolded over consecutive days.

Choosing a charming spot within the surroundings of Lake Garda for their ceremony, the couple’s wedding became a harmonious blend of love, laughter, and shared happiness, set amidst the serene elegance of the chosen location.

Every moment, from their vows at the civil ceremony to the shared laughter with loved ones, served as a testament to their unique bond. Lake Garda, with its idyllic villages and azure waters, provided a captivating backdrop for this special celebration.

As a photographer, it was an honor to capture the harmonious interplay between their love story and the timeless allure of Lake Garda—a tale I aimed not just to document but to encapsulate in all its beauty.