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About us

Aysem & Ümit

Love orchestrates the dance of hearts, a deliberate, shared intoxication. Within the symbiosis of HopeStudio unfolds a different essence, profound and sublime, that which we, as photographers, receive from those in love, their families, their friends - their entire universes.

We are Aysem and Ümit, privately and commercially a couple. In our first life we were architect and measurement engineer. Today, as full-time photographers, we combine our passion travel and weddings in our profession. Our focus is on destination weddings from Mexico to Australia. Together we travel the world and immortalize the most beautiful day of our wonderful couples. Besides bridal couples we also accompany business events for brands like Tiffany & Co.,Prada, Drunk Elephant, L’oreal Group, Eyes +more. We produce content for celebrities and influencers and organize workshops for other photographers worldwide in New York, Paris, Istanbul, Bali and Tokyo.-übersetze auf deutsch




A passionate photographer, whose love for photography blossomed during his travels. His images not only capture the beauty of exclusive events and weddings but also encapsulate the unique atmosphere and scents he encounters on his journeys. In demand worldwide, he is distinguished not only by his photographic finesse but also by his ability to navigate challenges with creativity, establishing a warm and personable atmosphere in front of the camera.

Remarkably, he has a tradition of carrying a distinctive scent with him from each journey. These olfactory souvenirs serve as memory catalysts, transporting him back to the unforgettable moments and the allure of the places he visited with every sniff. Authenticity and creativity meld in his captures, forming a timeless representation that not only freezes moments but also creates memories that engage all the senses.



She is the creative force behind HopeStudio. Holding a Master’s degree in Architecture, she takes charge of all things design. Her ideas captivate everyone, be it at a wedding or an event, infusing each occasion with an artistic and splendid touch. What makes her photography truly unique is her versatility – she is there for everyone. Whether it’s assisting a bride with her hair or offering fashion insights to a celebrity, her presence adds a touch of artistic brilliance and splendor to every moment.



Every season unfolds a new mesmerizing wedding destination, igniting the dreams of our couples and infusing their wedding celebrations with off-the-beaten-path adventures! Feel free to explore our current year’s travel dates. Even if your wedding plans are set for the upcoming season, reach out to HopeStudio for an update on our travel schedule. Perhaps, we can rendezvous somewhere along the way and craft some enchanting magic with you and your loved ones.


Louisa & Fatih